Monday, June 13, 2011

More on Digital Art

To follow up on my last blog...I wanted to share with all of you the name of two wonderful books by Bonny Pierce Lhotka, Dorothy Simpson Krause and Karin Schminke.  These women are really pioneers in techniques for combining injet printing with traditional art materials.  As a matter of fact , that is the title of their first book.  Techniques for Combining Inkjet Printing with Traditional Art Materials.  The book is manufactured by Watson Guptill.  I have had this book for many years.  Back when I first started using their techniques I could only find the digital coating through a company called INKAID.  They have a wonderful product, and have expanded their line many times to include a host of non-traditional coatings. I am now using Golden's Digital Mediums and experiment all the time to create my own non-traditional digital surface coating using their medium. The second book is new and I haven't read the entire book yet, but both of the books a filled with a wealth of information!  The name of the second book is Digital Alchemy (do I love that name or what?) and the author of this book is Bonny Pierce Lhotka. It is manufactured by New Riders.  you will not be sorry that you added them to your library no matter what type of art you do.  Check-out Bonnie's website.  She also teaches workshops.  Let me share with you just a few things that these books cover.  Non-traditional printing surfaces like foils, cloth and plastic, Underprinting digital images as a base for other media, overprinting digital images on other media, gelatin transfers, dry emulsion transfers to non-absorbent and dimensional surfaces (yeah! that's great news for artists who work three dimensional)!  The illustrations are wonderful and the instructions are easy to follow.  Enjoy!

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