Friday, June 3, 2011

Quick Change Artist - Seriously!

Once again I have shifted directions. For the past year I have concentrated on working in metals.  I enjoy working small and working with my hands using different tools so jewelry design and metalsmithing is close to my heart..  But... after returning from France I am anxious to dig out (and I do mean dig out...) all of my canvas' and old wooden boxes to begin to paint and assemble.  I cannot do just one thing (YIKES!) so with that in mind I will paint and as the spirit moves me I will assemble constructions.  I'm posting a few examples  of jewelry that I worked on this winter.  Most of the work is currently at a show at a gallery called "The Twisted Fish" in Elk Rapids, Michigan.


  1. I love your jewelry but look forward to seeing more of your assemlages too

  2. Annie didn't write that; I did but I was on her computer so it posted as her -- pay attention Helen!